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07/05/21 - We ran our first fluke marathon trip with very nice weather today. Unfortunately we had a total lack of drift for most of it. We bounced round from area to area looking for some kind of drift. Managed a few fish everywhere we stopped but not enough to stay with.. Finally got some breeze in the afternoon and for the last hour or so managed to bang away at some quality keepers which helped to salvage the day. Some big seabass and a few ling helped added to the coolers. Wish we had the breeze all day but that is the way it goes. Wayne Pinder, Somerset, took the pool with one of his keepers.. Back at it tomorrow. SAILING 7:30 AM. Al and I will see you in the morning. OUR NEXT FLUKE MARATHON WILL BE MONDAY JULY 19 SAILING 6:AM. WE HAVE ONLY TWO (2) OPEN SPOTS REMAINING SO WHOEVER CONTACTS US FIRST CAN HAVE THOSE SPOTS.. OFFICE # is 732-541-2169.

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