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We fished today with some of our Saturday regulars. The wind made for a rolly ocean but not unbearable. The guys worked hard all day and ended up with some fluke and sea bass in the coolers but it was not the fishing we have had recently. Tomorrow is a new day. We have guys reserved so come on down and join them! The wind--IF ANY-- in the morning will determine where we are going to fish. Tom Hollywood Jr, Staten Island, NY, took another pool. GUYS, ONCE AGAIN WE ASK THAT IF YOU MAKE A RESERVATION(S) THEN KEEP YOUR RESERVATION(S) OR AT LEAST CALL ME THE DAY BEFORE YOUR TRIP AND LET ME KNOW THAT YOU CANNOT MAKE IT SO I CAN TRY TO RE-BOOK YOUR SPOT, OTHERWISE THERE MAY JUST NOT BE A RESERVATION(S) AVAILABLE FOR YOU THE NEXT TIME YOU CALL!!! SAILING 7:30 AM WEEKDAYS & 6:00 AM WEEKENDS. Back at it tomorrow. See you in the morning.

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