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Conditions were not favorable today and fishing was slower for us than the past couple of trips although the guys and gal did boat some nice fish. There was a cranky southerly swell with the breeze and a strong current most of the day in the areas we fished. Tom Hollywood Jr, Staten Island, NY, just beat out Kim for pool honors with a 5 pound 10 ounce fish. Conditions sound much nicer for tomorrow. (Friday). SAILING 7:30 AM WEEKDAYS & 6:00 AM WEEKENDS. Back at it tomorrow. See you in the morning. I very rarely, if ever, comment on competitors fishing reports. Post whatever you want to get people on your boats! Just wondering why when the limit for fluke is THREE FISH, do some boats feel the need to post pictures of guys holding FOUR or FIVE fish on PVC pipes

for photos? Do some captains need their egos stroked that badly or does stupidity rule?

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