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Found some action with keepers first thing this morning while we had a drift. The guys and gals were also treated to a nifty show put on by porpoises and a whale all around the boat. Lost the drift and the bite for a while before we got the movement late in the day and the fish turned back on with a very nice shot at the keepers once again. Most went home with a fish or two for dinner on a gorgeous day on the water. Mike Schmidt, Cranford, took the pool with one of his keepers. THERE ARE SOME SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE FOR TUESDAY BUT THAT WILL CHANGE! IF YOU WANT TO RESERVE A SPOT TO FISH WITH THE TUESDAY REGULARS THEN YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO ASAP!!. SAILING 7:30 AM WEEKDAYS & 6:00 AM WEEKENDS. Back at it tomorrow. See you in the morning. Click "Read more" for additional pictures.

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