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We picked at the fluke in two different areas when we had good drifting conditions. More shorts than keepers today with the guys working the spro rigs having the most action as well as most of the keepers. Jack Decker, Blairstown, had the pool honors today. We already know of guys and gals coming down tomorrow (FRIDAY) so come join them and let's go fishing. WE STILL HAVE 9 OPENINGS FOR SATURDAY AND & 7 OPENINGS FOR SUNDAY FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS SPOTS. ANY SPOTS NOT RESERVED FOR THE WEEKEND WILL BE AVAILABLE TO THE FIRST WALK-ONS THAT COME DOWN TO THE DOCK THAT MORNING. SAILING 7:30 AM WEEKDAYS & 6:00 AM WEEKENDS/HOLIDAYS!! Back at it tomorrow. See you in the morning.

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