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We will be taking reservations for the opening weekend (FRIDAY, MAY 22, THROUGH MONDAY, MAY 25) of fluke. We are limited to 21 passengers as per the size of our boat and the current social distancing regulations and want to do our best to let everyone know how many or if any open spaces are available on any of the days to potentially save you a ride down. For reservations call the office number at 732-541-2169 and CLEARLY leave your name and phone number for the day you want to fish so that I can return your message between 5 and about 7:30 PM that night to confirm that I got your call. At 8 PM the evening before a trip I will post how many/ IF ANY open spaces remain for the following day which would be available on a first come basis in the morning. We plan on accepting reservations with the same routine through at least the following weekend to see if it makes it easier on everyone. Opening weekend (May 22, through May 25) we will sail 6:30 AM-1:30 PM. Weekdays will sail at the usual 7:30 AM. Weekends starting on Saturday May 30 and Sunday May 31 will sail at 6 AM through Labor Day weekend. While we are operating under these Covid restrictions the fare will be $70 for everyone. No Senior or child rates at this time! Please remember that you cannot come aboard without a mask AND gloves!

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