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With a sad heart I am announcing that my mom, Louise, passed away from a heart condition on Friday, May 8. Most of you may not have know her personally but many of you have spoken with her if you called the EB II office number for fishing information or sailing times. LOUISE and STAN SR. were married for 53 years and apart for less than one month before being re-united again for eternity. Thank you both for the countless memories and always being there for your family and friends! YOU WILL BOTH BE MISSED AND NEVER FORGOTTEN!! UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN!!

The for-hire fleet is still not allowed to fish as of this update while small private boats are seen going fishing every day with 4, 5 or 6 people aboard. We will be ready to begin our 2020 fishing season for the opening day of the fluke season which is scheduled to start FRIDAY, MAY 22, or whenever our wonderful governor decides to throw the hard working NJ for-hire fishermen a bone!!

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