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Elaine B II new jersey party boat fishing open boat fluke flounder blackfish fishingElaine B II new jersey party boat fishing open boat fluke flounder blackfish Elaine B II new jersey party boat fishing open boat fluke flounder blackfish Elaine B II new jersey party boat fishing open boat fluke flounder blackfish

Elaine B II
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New diving pictures added 01/13/15 (Click here to see pictures.)

01/13/15 Hello everyone. We have posted some diving pictures from this past year. We have had lots of positive feedback the past three seasons and hope that you all find the current series just as interesting! There will be more pictures posted soon so check back frequently!! Enjoy!

Good fishing today for a small group of regulars. Had steady action all day and did not have to touch the anchors until we left to come home. The guys had a nice mix of keepers and shorts with several having their limits and everyone going home with at least a couple of nice fish for dinner. Mike Stefaniewicz, Keansburg, NJ, had his limit which included the pool fish.
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We hope that everyone had a SAFE and HAPPY New Year's Eve and Day! Weather looks good for tomorrow (Friday) with a west wind. We already have guys coming down so join them and let's go fishing.


The weatherman got one right for a nice group of Monday fishermen. Fished a couple of different areas inshore this morning and had a mix of keepers and shorts but the bite was not enough to make us happy. Fished a piece a little deeper and found faster fishing until it was time to come home. Wayne Pinder, Red Bank, NJ, led the way keeping his limit from eight legal fish. White crabs out produced the greens today for keepers. Anthony Mendoza, Piscataway, NJ, took the pool. We have had camera issues the past week but can now take pics once again. Another nice day on tap tomorrow but just a bit colder.
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12/28/14 Monday looks like the best weather day of the next several so take advantage of the light NW breeze and the warmest day before the New Year!! We already know of a group coming down on Monday so join them and let's go fishing!
12/27/14 Tough fishing today to say the least for a good group on a nice day. Wind against the tide this morning made it tough to stay on the pieces. Fished shallower and deeper with the same conditions and bite in both areas. The fish still had the same washed out gray color as yesterday. All of our friends experienced the same thing. Cory Sharnce, Califon, NJ, took the pool.
12/26/14 Slow day for us today. Started where we left them biting Monday but only had a couple of fish. Made a couple of more stops with a few fish on each before moving off to some deeper water where we had our best action with keepers and shorts to finish the day. High hooks had three keepers each. Most of the fish were pale gray rather than their usual color. We expect the fishing to bounce right back. John Hempel, Paramus, NJ, took the pool. West wind and warm temperatures should make for a very nice weekend.

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you and yours have a safe, happy and healthy Holiday!!

We will resume sailing DAILY on Friday. See you then!!

12/22/14 GOOD fishing for the guys and gals today. Plenty of action on just two drops with a good mix of keepers and shorts. Catches ranged up to limits with everyone having fish to take home! The only thing to spice the catch today was a single keeper codfish. Green and white crabs worked equally well. Joe Stefanelli, Maplewood, NJ, had his limit and also took the pool.
12/21/14 Weather for the next two days looks fine with light winds both days. We already know of guys coming down tomorrow (Monday) so come join them and get some fish for Christmas eve/day dinner! As of right now Wednesday's forecast is not looking good--we will let you know on Tuesday--and we DO NOT sail Christmas Day.

Very little wind today for a change. Made a few drops inshore but did not have the life we were hoping for so we moved off to deeper water. Had better fishing but more shorts than keepers today. Green crabs had most of the action for the guys. Anthony Mendoza, Piscataway, NJ, took the pool with a nice fish.

12/19/14 A little breezy today as forecast but still a nice day. Managed to pick at the togs today. High hook kept his limit from a dozen legal fish. White crabs held an edge over the greens for the first time in a while for us. Anthony Speranza, Garwood, NJ, took the pool. Weather looks great for the next few days with light winds. Take advantage of it and stock up on some fish for the Holiday season.
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12/18/14 The forecast kept all of the area boats at the dock today. Fishing and weather were both good the past couple of days. Green and white crabs both worked equally well with some limits to go around. GREAT weather on tap for the next four or five days with light winds so take advantage and put some fish away for the holidays. We already know of guys coming down tomorrow (Friday) so come join them.
12/15/14 Temperatures near 50 made for a very comfortable day on the water! The guys had to be patient with a very finicky bite today with a couple of spots having okay action and a couple of other spots not having much life on them at all. The shallower water had most of our keepers with more shorts deeper like we have been seeing the past week. A few guys ended up with four or five keepers each along with quite a few shorts while others struggled. Green and white crabs both caught fish but the greens gave up most of the keepers. Yong from Palisades Park, NJ, took the pool with a 7 1/2 pound fish.
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It was a nice December day on the tog grounds with just enough wind to keep the anchor lines tight. Started the day inshore and picked away at mostly all nice keepers this morning before the bite finally died out. Pushed off a little deeper once again and had faster fishing but the keeper ratio was not the same. A few fellas had four or five keepers, a few three etc.. The stern had most of the fish in both areas, for whatever reason, while the bow had a tougher time of it. Green crabs were the bait of choice for the bigger fish today. Nick DiPaolo, Warren, NJ, took the pool. Nice day on tap for tomorrow with light winds. We already know of several of today's guys coming back tomorrow so come join them and lets go fishin!
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12/13/14 Started out inshore on a day that was windier than predicted. Only saw a handful of fish on one stop and decided to head offshore a bit. There was a pretty good current in the deeper water but we found better fishing with a mix of keepers and shorts." Parlin" John led the way with a limit. Tom Hollywood, Sr., Staten Island, NY, had the pool fish. Weather is calling for lighter winds and warmer temperatures the next few days so take advantage of it! (Click here to see pictures.)

It felt great to finally be able to get back out after the storm earlier this week! A couple of the drops we made today had life while a couple did not. We had some fish but it still was not up to our standards. All of the fish had good color so we expect much better fishing this weekend! Anthony Scalea, Cranford, NJ, took the pool.

The EB II crew would like to give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to Pete "Frito-Lay" Burrows. He has been sailing with us for more than 30 years and has caught more than his fair share of big fish over that period!! We hope that he has 30 more years and many more big fish to come in the future!!! ENJOY YOUR SPECIAL DAY, BUD!!!


We will be back to sailing EVERY DAY starting tomorrow (FRIDAY)!! The weather looks GOOD for the next five or six days at least so we will be looking to take full advantage of it!! See you in the morning!

We have gift certificates all year long but if you would like to get one to a friend or family member as a stocking stuffer for the Holidays then call the office number (732-541-2169) soon.


What was supposed to be a decent NE 10-15 kts was actually East 25-30 with gusts! The ocean got nasty real quick this morning and stayed that way! We were able to pick all day with more keepers than shorts. Most of the guys ended up with at least a couple of nice fish for dinner while a few had four or five fish each. John Kepp, Greenville, NJ, took the pool with a 7 pound fish. Tomorrow looks like the best day of the weekend for sure with light wind. Take advantage of it!!
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It was a perfect weather day for December with a westerly breeze that was just enough to hold the anchor lines tight. The togs bit well today and we only needed to make two stops for the day. There was plenty of action to keep everyone busy with a mix of keepers and shorts. We had limits and everyone went home with a bag of fish. Todd Kitaguchi, Fort Lee, NJ, took the pool with a 6 1/2 pound fish.
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The weather the past couple of days has kept all of the boats at the dock. We finally have a break in the weather tomorrow with light NW wind and will be taking advantage of it! We already know of guys coming down tomorrow so lets go fishing.


Our latest diving-related pictures are posted. Click on either the link above or the link on the HOME page to view them. ENJOY.