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Elaine B II new jersey party boat fishing open boat fluke flounder blackfish fishingElaine B II new jersey party boat fishing open boat fluke flounder blackfish Elaine B II new jersey party boat fishing open boat fluke flounder blackfish Elaine B II new jersey party boat fishing open boat fluke flounder blackfish

Elaine B II
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New diving pictures added 01/21/16 (Click here to see pictures.)

  ***ATTENTION EVERYONE, ON SUNDAY, JULY 3 and MONDAY, JULY 4 WE WILL BE SAILING AT 6:00AM to get you back in early to beat the holiday shore traffic!!!!***


Well, after boating another doormat yesterday we could not have been happier to have boated NOT ONE BUT TWO MORE (#4 & #5) TODAY!!! Fishing started with just a pick this morning with a tanker coming through and no drift at all for a big part of the morning. The guys worked hard to put some big fish in the boat. Around mid day the breeze kicked up and gave us the movement we needed. The bite improved until it was time to come home with catches ranging up to a limit for Mike Snyder, Highlands, NJ. An okay day overall just not the red hot fishing we have been experiencing lately. We will still take it! John Panvini. Philadelphia, Pa, ended with several keepers to up to 6 pounds 1 ounce. Louis Micieli, Haledon, NJ, had fish up to 7 pounds 10 ounces. Dennis Coleman, Short Hills, NJ, had several keepers up to 7 pounds 8 ounces. The highlight of the day, BY FAR, came when two members of the same family boated doormats!! Dennis O'Brien, South Bound Brook, had a 10 pound 5 ounce beauty which is his second doormat of the season already! His daughter, Danielle, took family bragging rights for now, however, with the 13 pound 1 ounce MEGA-MATshe caught first thing this morning. Hers is the largest fluke ever caught aboard the EB II by a lady fisher and our THIRD LARGEST FLUKE EVER right behind a 13 pound 2 ounce fish caught by Dennis a couple of seasons ago!! Congratulations to the O'Brien's!! Starting our search for "Matty #6" tomorrow. See you in the morning.
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The VERY GOOD fluking continued today in spite of a weekend crowd of boats on the grounds. Started the day in the same general area and had fish as soon as we stopped the boat. A nice drift gave us good conditions and we were able to keep up the good bite for much of the day with lots of quality fish. There were a number of limits with many others having two, three or four keepers to take home. Steve Pirigyi, Jackson, NJ, had an early limit which included a 10 POUND 3 OUNCE DOORMAT which was his first ever and our THIRD OF THE SEASON...SO FAR!!! We start our search for "Matty #4" tomorrow. See you in the morning.
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It was a GOOD day once a gain for QUALITY fish! Good conditions all day for where we have been fishing and had good action on most drifts throughout the day with a lot of 3-6 pound fish in the mix and a number of limits around the boat. Tom Formisano, Bellmawr. NJ. fished with his son Tom Jr., and his young nephew Vinny who did very well ending up with a triple limit for their efforts. Bob Genung, Lake Shawnee, NJ and his friend combined for nine quality fish up to 6 pounds 4 ounces. Mike Little, Sewell, NJ, had a 6 pound 7 ounce and 6 pound 2 ounce fish as part of his catch. Steve Herczegh, Spotswood, NJ, ended up with three keepers including the 7 pound 3 ounce pool fish. Weather looks GREAT for both days this weekend so get in on the GOOD bite while it lasts!! See you in the morning.
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Ship traffic and no drift early again this morning killed the area we have been fishing . Tried a little different area and had a few drifts with mostly big fish for the guys to show for their efforts! When it finally died we headed back to where we have been fishing and had OKAY action for the remainder of the day. Catches ranged up to limits which included one taken by Walter Lubin, Morristown, NJ. Tom Denman, Morris Plains, NJ, took the pool with a 9 pound 10 ounce near-mat! Steve Smith, Guttanberg, NJ, ended up with several keepers including a pair weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces and 7 pounds 1 ounce! Lisa Gormley, Uniondale, Pa., got a nice 6 pound 7 ounce fish just before we left to come home. Several other 4-5 pounders in addition to the regular sized fish around the boat.
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06/21/16 The area we had been fishing recently was no good this morning as a proccession of tankers came through and killed the fishing for a good while. Looked around other areas and found a few fish everywhere but not enough to keep us anywhere. We got good drifting conditions around noon and went back to our original plan and were happy with the fishing we found for the last couple hours of the day and were able to put a catch together. High hook ended up with four keepers. Pat Farley, Point Pleasant, NJ, took the pool with a 7 pound 1 ounce fish. Back at it again tomorrow.
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After nearly two weeks of superior fishing we finally had a tough day on the fluke grounds! Terrible conditions with wind against tide most of the day and ZERO DRIFT FOR HOURS. Worked the engines to get any kind of movement where we have been fishing lately and managed a few nice fish but nowhere near enough for the nice gang of EBII fishermen. Finished the last part of the day in Sandy Hook Bay where we finally got some movement but found mostly shorts. High hook had three keepers. Don Wetzel, Riverdale, NJ, took the pool with a nice 7 pound 1 ounce fish. Any area head boats that would try to claim that today's fishing was anywhere near good would just be spraying air freshener on a dirty diaper. Looking forward to getting back to the good fishing again tomorrow with a better drift.
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06/19/16 Another gorgeous day on the water with a good group of regulars and first timers aboard. EXCELLENT fishing for the guys and gals this morning with our first drift lasting nearly three hours. We had to move for a ship coming through the channel which shut down the bite for a while. The fish bit again until the tide changed and we lost the drift for the last part of the day. The guys that could cast and work their rigs continued to pick at the fish until it was time to come home. We ended up with a number of early limits including Tom Hollywood Sr. & Jr., Staten Island, NY. Kevin Buselmeier, Staten Island, NY, took the p[ool with a 6 pound 2 ounce fish. Back at it tomorrow looking for another repeat.
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Could not ask for a better combination of factors today with EXCELLENT fishing, a great group of EB II veterans and first timers to go along with perfect weather!! Fished the same areas with a pretty large weekend fleet but it did not matter as the fish bit very well today--at least for US!! Multiple limits once again with many others having three or four fish to take home with even the first-timers getting in on the action. Jim Page, Interlaken, NJ, took the pool with a 10 pound 11 ounce fish which is our SECOND DOORMAT OF THE SEASON. Dennin Yoo, Little Ferry, NJ, JUST missed out on a fish of doormat status himself with a 9 pound 12 ounce fish of his own!! Anne Lavelle, Jersey City, NJ, had an easy limit as did Tom Hollywood, Jr., Staten Island, NY. John Panvini, South Philadelphia, Pa., had another one of our limits up to 7 pounds 13 ounces. These NICE fish pictures and others will all be posted on our gallery page soon. Check them out!! Take a dad fishing tomorrow on HIS day.
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Very good fluking once again with an all day bite. The guys worked the gulp/spros/natural baits etc. hard and had loads of action with a lot of quality keepers. Everyone had keepers again today and a number went home with easy limits while most others managed three or four keepers of their own. John Porada, Pompton Lakes, NJ, had four keepers which included the 5 pound pool fish. Nelson Mendoza, Kinellon, NJ, had his best day of the season so far keeping his limit from 10 legal fish. Great weather on tap for both days this weekend. Take advantage while the fish are chewing! Remember that Sunday is Father's Day so treat a dad to a day on the water.
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06/16/16 The threat of a morning shower kept some of the Thursday regulars home. We did get a shower that amounted to about 18 drops and was over before we left the dock. Anyway, we had another productive day on the fluke grounds for the guys that did show up. The shipping traffic and lack of drift most of the day did not help us but we used the engines and the guys worked the baits and bucktails/spros hard all day and put together a nice catch of quality fish. Most of today's keepers were over three pounds. Mike Pylypyshyn, Little Egg Harbor, NJ, kept his limit from 8 legal fish up to 6 pounds 3 ounces. Everyone went home with fish today. Natural baits have been producing as well as the spros/ gulps lately.
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06/15/16 Keep the fluke coming!! The fish have been in the same area for a while and show no signs of moving with all of the bait in the area to feed on. Another great weather and fishing day was had by a very nice group of EB II regulars. Catches ranged up to easy limits with lots of nice keepers in the mix. Charlie Krippendorf, Spring Lake, NJ, had one of our early limits. Craig Betron, Wayne, NJ, took the pool with an 8 pound 4 ounce fish. Sal Funicalla, East Hanover, NJ, had several keepers including a nice 7 pound 7 ounce runner up.
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06/14/16 We were very happy with the fishing we had once again. Started well before a couple of ships came through and killed the bite. It took a bit for the bite to turn back on but once it did we had very nice fishing on every drift for the remainder of the day. Ended up with a few limits and a bunch of guys with three or four nice fish each. Unfortunately for you, and us, the guys that limited did not get their fish cleaned today so you will just have to live without "limit" pictures from today! John Cangialosi, Bergen, NJ, took the pool with a 7 pound 3 ounce fish. GREAT weather on tap the next few days so take advantage of the great bite while it continues!
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The wind started earlier than predicted today and was already blowing when we got to the fluke grounds. We managed a very nice showing of quality sized fish on the first couple of drifts.The wind started to howl and forced us back into our bay with the entire fleet where we found very slow fishing with just a couple of fish a drift for the rest of the day. Frank LaGrace, Hopewell, NJ, took the pool with a very nice 8 pound 11 ounce fish. Looking for better drifting conditions tomorrow.
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A good gang of Saturday fisher folks, great weather and "OLD TIME" fluking back where we had them earlier in the week!! If you missed today well then you missed a day! Had the fish chewing from the first drop right up until the bite finally slowed a bit as the wind came up in the afternoon. Lots of boat traffic today did not bother the fish with many quality keepers and quite a few between 6 and 7 pounds. I got pictures of the gallery fish and a few of the limits but netting and fileting were #1 priority today!! Lee Jungmin, Edison, NJ, took the pool with a 7 pound fish.
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06/10/16 Way too much wind against the tide the past couple of days to fish where we had very good fishing a few days ago. We were forced to fish along the beach in the ocean and although we had some nice sized fish we were not happy with the fishing that we found. We will be back in the bay tomorrow looking for more keepers. Today's pool was taken by Bill Symes, Toms River, NJ, with a 4 pound 8 ounce fish.
06/08/16 The weather forecast kept most of the Wednesday regulars home. That was unfortunate since the small group that showed up was treated to another good day of fluking. The guys picked some fish with the wind against tide early this morning. The bite turned on once again when we got a good drift. No rain until we were almost ready to come home so most missed a nice day on the water. Jack Decker, Blairstown, NJ, had four keepers including the five pound 2 ounce pool winner.
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It was another FINE day with both the weather and the nice group of EB II regulars aboard today. It was just a slow pick early this morning with wind against tide. Once we got the change and we started to move, as if on cue, the fish started to bite and we had good fishing for the rest of the day. We ended up with a number of limits and near limits with pretty much everyone having dinner to take home. A lot of nice keepers in the mix once again. Ken McGill, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, took the pool.
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Fished where we left off on the weekend. Had wind against tide for the first hour until we got the change of tide. Once the drift got going we had nice steady fishing for the rest of the day. The drift got quick for a while with wind and tide together but the guys handled it well. We had limits once again and more quality fish for the guys. Dennis O'Brien, South Bound Brook, NJ, is one of the best flukers around and has a bunch of doormats to his credit over the years. He added to his tally today with a 10 POUND 13 OUNCE fish that took the pool and was our first doormat of the season! Nice fish Dennis!!
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A very nice group of mostly weekend regulars came out on a beautiful day and enjoyed the best fishing by far of the season! Our first drift this morning lasted for over three hours as the guys and gals banged away for pretty much the entire time until the action finally slowed. Made a couple of more drifts to finish the day with more good action and ended up with some BEAUTIES. A few of the guys with easy limits were Tom Hollywood, Sr., Staten Island, NY, Tom Formisano, Bellmawr, NJ, Dave Brink, Middletown, NJ, and Brad Weaver, Bound Brook, NJ. Unfortunately I missed the names and pictures of the other couple of fellows who also limited today. A majority had three or four keepers each. Lots of action and lots of keepers. Dave Brink and Glen Gormley, Bloomingdale, NJ, TIED for pool honors with identical 8 pound 5 ounce BEAUTIES!! Nice fish guys! Tom Hollywood, Jr., Staten Island, NY, just missed the pool with a 7 pound 14 ounce fish of his own. Natural baits outfished the spros and gulps today.
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06/03/16 Tough drifting conditions today with wind against tide and very little movement most of the day. The guys did their best and still managed to put a decent catch together for their efforts. All but one person took dinner home and high hooks all had three keepers each. Karl Faller, East Hanover, NJ, ended up with three fish including a very nice 7 pound 13 ounce pool winner!
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Had a nice gentle drift in the area we fished in spite of wind against tide conditions much of the day. We had some of our fluke veterans aboard who worked hard and ended up with pretty much everyone having at least one or two or three fish to take home with some nice quality fish in the mix. Natural baits seemed to have the edge over the gulps and spros. You never know. Mike Naipawer, Bloomingdale, NJ, ended up with three keepers between three and four pounds. Pete Burrows, Hillsdale, NJ, had several keepers which included his personal best 8 pound 5 ounce fish. Nice fish Pete!
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06/01/16 A nice group of EB II regulars came out to enjoy the fine weather today. We fished a few different areas and had some keepers on each drift throughout the day and ended up with a decent catch by the time we went home. There was a spread of fish around the boat with most going home with at least dinner and all of the high hooks having three keepers each. Bob Klemm, Butler, NJ, had three keepers and took the pool with a 4 pound 7 ounce fish. Spro/gulp combos and natural baits both worked today.
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Back on the fluke grounds after the torential rain yesterday morning. We fished the bay once again with the drifting conditions. As has been the case lately we had to work hard for every keeper that made it into the coolers and we never shut the engines off today! The folks put a catch together and most went home with dinner. Mike Acito, Midland Park, NJ, had his limit. Mike Panko, New Smyrna Beach, Fl., had four keepers. James Snyder, Springhill, Fl., had three nice fish. Several others had two or three keepers each.
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It was another perfect holiday weekend weather day and the fish cooperated very nicely for the group onboard! We had nice conditions in the bay and stayed with it all day. Natural baits and the assorted spros/gulps all produced some nice fish. Tom Hollywood, Sr., Staten Island, NY, had a RED HOT hand early this morning and had his legal limit up to 5 pounds 11 ounces by 9:10 AM!!! Tom Hollywood, Jr. also ended up with his limit. Tom Formisano, Bellmawr, NJ, wound up with four keepers. A number of others ended up with two and three keepers each. Our lady anglers have represented well the past couple of days with Cynthia Soriano, Mahwah, NJ, taking the pool with a 6 pound 1 ounce fish that just beat out a 5 pound 14 ounce fish caught by Larry White, Riverdale, NJ. Memorial Day is always a light-crowd day.
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It was a top 10 weather day made even nicer since it came on a holiday weekend! There was more boat traffic on the grounds than we have seen all season which was to be expected. Our best fishing took place in the bay where we had our best drifting conditions once again. The folks worked for a nice mix of shorts and QUALITY keepers. Cheryl Gaffney, Roselle Park, NJ, took the pool with an 8 pound 2 ounce BEAUTY, which just beat a 7 pound 13 ounce fish caught by Brad Weaver, Bound Brook, NJ. Good job folks!! Looks like another great day on tap for tomorrow!
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We are working hard every day to put fish on ice. Fished the bay where we had the best drifting conditions today. Picked at a mix of shorts and keepers with our best fishing coming this afternoon when we had wind and tide together. Natural bait produced most of the fish today. Jimmy Anderson, Lake Hopatcong, NJ, took the pool.


It was another gorgeous day to be on the water. We fished both the ocean and the bay and found improved fishing in both areas with a nice mix of shorts and quality keepers. Gulps, spros and natural baits all put some fish in the coolers today. Larry White, Riverdale, NJ, had a couple of keepers which included the 5 pound 7 ounce pool fish.
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The forecast brought out a nice group of our regular flukers today. Fished a number of different areas and found some life in most of the spots but not enough to keep us in any one place. The guys ended up taking some quality fish home. Jim Talcott, Highlands, NJ, took the pool with a VERY NICE 9 pound 1 ounce fish which is our largest of the young season! Dennis "Z-Man" Ziober, Port Reading, NJ, had a couple of keepers with the larger being 5 pounds 7 ounces. Weather looks GREAT for the next several days!
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05/23/16 We ended up with some keepers for the day but the bite was not up to par with what we had over the weekend. A big ocean swell and dirty water finally shut down the bite in that area today. We spent the day in the bay finding a few nice fish in several different areas and we had our best fishing late in the day. Dominick Marcantonio, East Hanover, NJ, took the pool with a fish around 4 pounds.
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The rain forecast kept some of the Sunday regulars home today which was a shame since the last drops fell before we left the dock and the rest of the day was very nice. The folks had to work a little harder today with less drift but we were happy once again with the fishing we found this early in the season. Tony "THE FLUKEMAN" Satus, Old Bridge, NJ, made his first fluke trip of the year and ended up with an early limit which was also our first of the young season!!! There was a spread of fish around the boat with most having at least a fish to take home. Keith Horens, Flanders, NJ, took the pool.
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Today was the start of the long-awaited NJ fluke season and we were pleased with the fishing that we found. There were fewer boats on the grounds today than expected which was nice. We fished a couple of different areas on the day and found a good ratio of keepers to shorts. Dave Brink, Middletown, NJ, had a good opening day and ended up with four nice keepers. Mike Scher, Cranford, NJ, had three keepers. A number of guys went home with at least a couple of fish. Jim Florio, Newark, NJ, had a couple of keepers and took the pool with a 4 pound fish.
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