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Elaine B II new jersey party boat fishing open boat fluke flounder blackfish fishingElaine B II new jersey party boat fishing open boat fluke flounder blackfish Elaine B II new jersey party boat fishing open boat fluke flounder blackfish Elaine B II new jersey party boat fishing open boat fluke flounder blackfish

Elaine B II
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New diving pictures added 01/21/16 (Click here to see pictures.)


The wind will diminish tonight. Both SATURDAY AND SUNDAY will be GOOD to fish and we WILL BE SAILING BOTH DAYS!!! Will be looking for a repeat of the fishing we had yesterday!! Green crabs and white leggers onboard! See you in the morning.

We WILL NOT be sailing Monday!!

12/08/16 Very good togging for the EB II regulars that showed up on a nice day!! There was still a little bit of a residual swell left from yesterday but it did not bother the fish today. We only needed a single drop to get it done for the fellas. It took a little bit to get the bite going but it was good action all day with a mix of keepers and short once it did. Ended up with a full boat limit! Green crabs and white leggers both produced equally well. Mike Stefanowicz, Keansburg, NJ, had another good day and took another pool with a 6 pound fish.

After blowing hard out of the east last night and a big left over swell this morning we decided to take a pass on today and let the ocean calm down for a day.

12/06/16 GOOD fishing on a nice December day. Had nice anchoring conditions with an easterly breeze and the togs responded well. Only needed to fish two drops today to get the job done for the guys. Steady fishing all day long with the usual mix of keepers and shorts. Mike Stefanowicz, Keansburg, NJ, led the way keeping his limit from a dozen legal fish and a bunch of 14-14.99" shorts as well. He also had the pool fish. Both green and white crabs produced today with most of the keepers coming on the white leggers. Everyone went home with fish today.
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12/04/16 Started the day inshore where we have been fishing and found just a slow pick with more shorts than keepers. Made a move to a different area and had much better fishing with a much better ratio of keepers making it into the coolers. Catches ranged up to limits with everyone having fish to take home. The white crabs had the advantage with the larger fish today. Dennis O'Brien, South Bound Brook, NJ, took the pool with one of his fish. Light westerly wind tomorrow and highs around 50 degrees should make for a great day tomorrow! See you in the morning.
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12/02/16 We had more wind today than forecast but it was west and a perfect direction for where we have been fishing lately! Only needed to fish a couple of drops today to put a catch together for the guys. One spot had more shorts than keepers while the other had more keepers than shorts. Green crabs and white leggers both worked today putting keepers in the coolers. Ron caught a very nice fluke today which was released and Mike Stefanowicz, Keansburg, NJ, took the pool with a nice tog.
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A top 10 weather day for sure today and the calm before the blow! Fished both shallower and a bit deeper today and had our best fishing shallower. Started inshore and had a good mix of keepers and shorts for most of the morning before the bite finally slowed. Tried something a bit deeper in an area we have not fished this season yet and found more shorts than keepers. The bulk of the nicer fish are still inshore as the bottom water is still around 53 degrees. Everyone went home with fish today and Red Zisa, Totowa, NJ, took the pool with one of his keepers.
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11/26/16 We tried something a little different today with much better anchoring conditions and found improved fishing with a better keeper to short ratio. The guys that could feel the bites best with the current and the breeze fared best by day's end. Most of our fish today were taken with green crabs. Frank Lavelle, Jersey City, NJ, took the pool with one of his nice fish. See you in the morning.
11/25/16 It was a nice day on the water for a good group of our tog regulars. Unfortunately it was a tough day with the togs for the guys. The best we could find on the spots we fished was a scratchy bite with a mix of some shorts and keepers on each. Anchoring conditions fell apart once we lost all of the current that we had along with the breeze in the afternoon. Bill Higginson, Flemington, NJ, had a few keepers and took the pool with a 9 pound fish.
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Today started off a bit breezy and chilly but it was not a problem for the EB II tog regulars. Picked and slugged away at a mix of keepers and shorts on a couple of drops and got the job done for the guys. Catches ranged to limits with just about everyone having at least four or five keepers each. Green crabs were the ticket once again. Rich Daniels, Phillipsburg, NJ, took the pool.
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11/20/16 With winds forecasted to gust to 50 mph once again WE WILL NOT BE SAILING TOMORROW (MONDAY)!!

Nice anchoring conditions and better fishing than we had yesterday. Worked a different area making several drops on the day. Found life on each spot we fished with catches ranging up to limits for a few of our tog veterans. Mostly quality keepers for the guys. The water is still warm for this time of year as we had another legal sized fluke today that was thrown back. Some of the guys have tried the white leggers the past few days but they have not been working as well as the green crabs yet. Steve Pirigyi, Jackson ,NJ, had his limit and the pool fish.
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With winds forecasted to gust to 50 mph WE WILL NOT BE SAILING TOMORROW (SUNDAY)!!

11/18/16 It was another gorgeous day on the water with a good group of tog fishermen. Unfortunately, we did not have the same good fishing that we had seen the two previous days. Fished the same general area making a few drops and the same guys, mainly in the bow, getting most of the bites on each stop for whatever reason. Looking for the fishing to bounce back to our standards tomorrow! High hook managed four nice fish with Charlie Krippendorf, Spring Lake, NJ, being part of a rare three way tie for the pool. Saturday weather looks GREAT so absolutely take advantage of it!! See you in the morning.
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11/17/16 Keep the great weather coming!! Fished only two drops in the same area as yesterday to put a nice catch of quality togs in the coolers. The fish were nicer sized today with fewer shorts in the mix. Catches ranged up to limits with everyone again having at least a few fish to take home. We had a keeper sized fluke that was released and a couple of nice seabass to spice the catch. We are fishing strictly with crabs now so we rarely see a variety of species this time of year other than the togs we are seeking. Joe Stefanelli, Maplewood, NJ, took the pool with a 7 pound fish. GREAT weather the next couple of days and a number of guys who fished with us yesterday returning again tomorrow so come join them for some good fall fishing. See you in the morning.
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We could not have asked for a better weather day to start the fall tog season! Fished a single drop for most of the day with a nice group of our blackfish regulars and banged away at a mix of keepers and plenty of 14-14.999" shorts that went back. Plenty of action with the green crabs. The only variety today was a lone keeper seabass. Catches ranged to limits and everyone ended up with at least a couple of nice keepers to take home. Steve Herczegh, Spotswood, NJ, and Bill Gugliotta, Guttenberg, NJ, tied for the pool. Weather looks great the next few days so take advantage of it!! We are sailing DAILY AT 7:00 AM.
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GOOD FISHING with some of our regulars on a beautiful day! Easy fishing on a single drop today with lots of porgies for the guys who wanted to use clams and good fishing for blackfish for the guys using green crabs. A few of the fellas had their porgy limits. Everyone also kept their legal limits of tog while releasing lots of others for the soon-to-be official opening day! A few seabass were mixed in but most were shorts today. Dave Brink, Middletown, NJ, fished strictly for tog and did very well while taking the pool with one of his fish. NICE weather again for tomorrow so come out and enjoy it!!
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11/02/16 Slow fishing this morning in shallower water with a few seabass and blackfish. Moved out deeper and finished the day with a nice showing of keeper seabass along with porgies and a few more blackfish. Mike Naipawer, Bloomingdale, NJ, took another pool with a nice blackfish.
11/01/16 It was a beautiful day on the water for the group of guys who came to fish today. Started off looking for some blackfish but there was not much of a bite and only a couple of fish. Headed back offshore to some deeper water and found the seabass hungry and eager to bite for the rest of the day. Lots of action with plenty of double headers. A lot of the seabass went back today with not as good of a keeper ratio as we have been finding lately but the guys weeded through them and managed to put some nice fish in the coolers by day's end along with some porgies. John Murtz, Delaware, NJ, took the pool with a big seabass.
10/30/16 It was a very nice weekend with both the weather and the fish cooperating. We have been starting inshore to put some nice blackfish in the coolers before heading offshore a bit to finish the day with a mixed bag of porgies, seabass along with a few triggerfish and blowfish. There are still enough porgies on the spots for the guys who want to fish for them them along with good single and double header seabass action to keep everyone busy. Mike Naipawer, Bloomingdale, NJ, took another pool with a nice blackfish on Saturday. Weather looks good for most of this upcoming week so take advantage of it!!
10/26/16 Started our day shallow looking to put a quick tog limit on ice. It was not meant to be as the larger blackfish were not cooperative today. Headed offshore to a couple of deeper pieces and found the seabass we were seeking. Good mixed bag fishing for the rest of the day with lots of seabass with a very nice percentage of keepers to go along with some porgies and a few blowfish to round out the catch. Larry White, Riverdale, NJ, took the pool with a big seabass.

After a couple of days of mixed bag porgy/blackfishing we fished exclusively for blackfish with a group of our regular toggers today and boy were they ever happy!! EXCELLENT fishing today with "Old Time" togging the way that it used to be all of the time!! Catches ranged into the 30's for "Big John" Porada, Pompton Lakes, NJ, with most of the fish on the day being legal sized. Everyone kept their legal limit. Mike Naipawer, Bloomingdale, NJ took the pool with an 8 pound 6 ounce fish. All of today's tog were taken on green crabs and the only variety we had were a couple of triggerfish.

10/16/16 We were happy with the blackfishing we experienced this weekend with beautiful weather. By popular request, this Wednesday ( October 19) we will be doing another trip concentrating exclusively for blackfish!!! Green crabs supplied. Plenty of fun and nice sized fish this weekend! Mixed bag for porgies and blackfish the rest of the week before we start concentrating on the popular seabass next Saturday!!!
10/15/16 We fished for blackfish today with some of our regular toggers and were happy with the fishing that we found! Everyone had their limits with no problem and were releasing fish early in the day. It is a shame that we have to throw the seabass back right now but that will change next Saturday--CAN'T WAIT!! There was a bit of a mixed bag with a couple of triggerfish, blowfish and weakfish also making their way into the coolers. Weather looks great for tomorrow and we will be trying for a repeat with the togs. Everything today was caught on green crabs. See you in the morning.
10/10/16 We have been fishing on a steady basis and finding lots of porgies for the guys with limits being the norm on most days. Our only slow day recently was this past Friday when we managed some fish in the morning before they shut off around mid day. We have also been seeing our share of keeper blackfish when the guys choose to try green crabs on the rough spots. We will be fishing for the porgies and blackfish until the opening of the seabass season next Saturday (October 22) when we will start to target them.

After the last couple days of wind we did not know what to expect today on the grounds. We were happy to find the porgies in a biting mood on the couple of spots that we fished. The outgoing tide was best with everyone having their fill of the silver as well as a full boat limit of blackfish for the guys trying crabs. There were a few nice sized blowfish in the mix for the only othe variety on the day.

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