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Elaine B II new jersey party boat fishing open boat fluke flounder blackfish fishingElaine B II new jersey party boat fishing open boat fluke flounder blackfish Elaine B II new jersey party boat fishing open boat fluke flounder blackfish Elaine B II new jersey party boat fishing open boat fluke flounder blackfish

Elaine B II
Fishing Reports
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New diving pictures added 01/13/15 (Click here to see pictures.)

11/26/15 We hope that everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with friends and family!! Back to the blackfish grounds tomorrow. See you in the morning!!

Great weather once again with a good group of guys. We did not have the same good fishing that we have been experiencing lately. The guys managed a few nice togs on each stop but had to work for their fish. Friends fishing a couple of different areas experienced the same type of bite today. Green crabs produced most of our fish. Joe Stefanelli, Maplewood, NJ, took the pool with an 8 pound fish.
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Nice weather and good fishing today! The guys had good action and a bunch of keepers in their coolers by the end of the day. We had limits today and everyone went home with AT LEAST a couple of nice fish for dinner. All of today's fish were caught on green crabs. Bill Selawsky, Edison, NJ, tied for the pool with Rich Mancini, South Hackensack, NJ, with identical 6 pound fish. Light wind and temperature in the 50's for tomorrow so take advantage of it!! See you in the morning.
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No area blackfish boats sailed today with the forecast but there is a great forecast with light winds for Tuesday and Wednesday. Fishing has been GOOD lately so come on down and take advantage of both the weather and the catching!!

11/22/15 It was another nice day to be on the tog grounds with enough wind most of the day to hold the anchor lines tight. While the catch consisted of mostly keepers yesterday the guys had to work through lots more 14-14 1/2" fish today to get their keepers on ice. Some had mainly shorts, some had several keepers each, while guys in the bow ended up with their limits for the day. Green and white crabs continue to work equally well lately with no clear advantage between one or the other. Wayne Pinder, Green Brook, NJ, and Dennis O'Brien, South Bound Brook, NJ, tied for the pool with identical fish.
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11/21/15 It was a nice fall day on the ocean with very good fishing today. We had a group of veteran tog fishermen who worked hard all day and were rewarded for their efforts. There were quite a few limits around the boat and most others ended up with 4 or 5 fish of their own. Green and white crabs worked equally well with big fish taken on both types. Dave Brink Sr., Middletown, NJ, just beat out Tom Hollywood Jr., for pool honors.
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We did not hold out hope to catch much today. There was a large left over swell and dirty ocean water from yesterday's strong southerly wind. When we anchored up the guys had bites right away. Sat on one drop all day and were very happy with the fishing that we found. The guys had good fishing with quite a few getting their limits and even the beginners wound up taking three or four each home for dinner! It was a very easy day with a nice group of guys. Jim Anderson, Lake Hopatcong, NJ, tied for the pool with Tom Mizsak, Trenton, NJ.
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It was a much nicer day on the ocean than yesterday. The morning started off with a slow pick on the first couple of spots. Made a move to a different area and the fish were in a biting mood. Some guys ended up at or just missing their limits. Green and white crabs both produced for the guys. Wayne Pinder, Green Brook, NJ, took the pool with a very nice 12 pound fish!!
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11/17/15 Stronger than predicted wind made for a rolly ocean but there was no problem once we spread the anchors. We were happy with the tog bite we found today with everyone getting in on the action and several of the guys ending up at or just missing their limits of nice sized fish. Most of the fish were keepers with very few shorts. Green and white crabs both worked equally well today. Joe Kopchak, Bethlehem, PA., took the pool. The forecast looks fine for tomorrow and we already know of a number of guys coming down.
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11/16/15 Absolutely could not ask for a nicer weather day to start the fall blackfish season!! Light west wind and warm temperature made for a very enjoyable day. Unfortunately, the nice weather made some areas look like a parking lot with all of the small boats! The best of our fishing was this morning before the bite dropped out. Tried a little deeper to end the day and found some fish out there as well. Some guys did well while others struggled but that is typical blackfishing. White crabs outproduced the greens today for the bigger fish. Jack Tabor, Paramus, NJ, took the pool and family bragging rights today!! The weather looks GOOD for tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday and we already know of guys coming down both days so take advantage of the weather window and come join them!! As of right now Thursday does NOT look good but we will update you on Wednesday!!
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11/15/15 The blackfish limit is now 6 fish per person (15" minimum size) starting tomorrow and goes through the rest of the year!!! It will be a pleasure to keep lots of the fish we have been forced to throw back for weeks!!!! Come get yours!!

The wind howled again today but will die down tonight. We know of a number of guys already who were supposed to fish today but will be coming down tomorrow instead. Come join them!! Great weather for the next few days.


The weather has kept the bottom fish fleet at the dock for the past several days and will do so again tomorrow (Friday) with gale winds in the forecast. Hopefully the wind will diminish for the weekend!!


Short sleeve fishing in November once again! Absolutely no wind or current early this morning made for tough anchoring conditions. Picked a few nice blackfish but not enough. Made a move to a new area where we had enough current to keep the anchors tight and found the togs in a biting mood. We spent the rest of the day on the same drop and the guys had lots of action on green crabs with everyone taking a big blackfish home for dinner. Ken Smith, Carteret, NJ, took the pool with a 7 pound fish.

11/07/15 Nice November day to be fishing. Wind against tide with a large swell made for interesting anchoring conditions first thing this morning. Once everything straightened out and we were able to stay on the pieces the guys enjoyed GOOD blackfish fishing for most of the day. Everyone had plenty of action and took home their limits of quality tog for dinner. Another keeper codfish went on ice today.The porgies have moved out a week ago and there are now only a very few straggler seabass left inshore. We covered lots of ground to lots of areas the past couple of days looking for seabass finding only a handful and being invaded by hordes of dogfish using clams!! The guys used green crabs all day today and we had no dogfish. Paul Schuckalo, Kinnelon, NJ, took todays pool with a 7 pound blackfish.
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We hope that this warm weather never ends!! Take advantage while it lasts! More blackfish today than yesterday for the guys using green crabs along with a pick of seabass on several spots. Big bluefish were on the grounds today as they made meals out of several blackfish. We already know we have guys coming down tomorrow so come join them!! Back at it tomorrow.

11/03/15 Definitely a Top 10 weather day on the water!! It is not often you can fish all day in short sleeves in November!! Good seabass fishing once again. The guys had to pick through some shorts but most ended up well with a bunch of nice sized fish to take home. The blackfish did not chew today like they have recently but the seabass made up for it and the guys were all happy to take them. The porgies have moved off the inshore grounds. Vin Doffont, North Arlington, NJ, had a near limit of seabass and took the pool with a codfish. Weather looks great for tomorrow.
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11/01/15 Windy with a snotty ocean this morning. Changed our plan of attack and fished an area we have not been to in a while. Glad we did from both a weather and fishing standpoint!! Good action most of the day on just two drops with some seabass limits of quality fish, nice blackfish for the guys using crabs and an unexpected surprise with 5 nice keeper codfish up to11 pounds with the largest taking the pool for Dave Brink, Middletown, NJ. NICE mixed bag fishing for today's conditions!! Good forecast for the upcoming week.
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10/31/15 Great weather today for the last day of October! Dogfish were a problem early in the day with the clams. The guys were eager to switch to green crabs and most picked away all day having fun catching some togs. Teddy kept his limit from the 14 blackfish he had today. The only variety today were seabass and a keeper codfish that took the pool for Rich Daniels, Phillipsburg, NJ. Green crabs and clams onboard.
10/30/15 We did not know what to expect today after the blow earlier this week. The ocean was nice but still discolored. Started the day looking for seabass but found that the dogfish had invaded the grounds we had been fishing. Left the area and went deeper. The guys switched to green crabs to get away from the dogfish and had steady blackfish fishing with a few seabass mixed in for the rest of the day. No porgies today. Everyone had tog action including a couple of first timers and everyone went home with dinner on a very nice day. Weather looks great for the next few days.
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A stronger than predicted east wind made for a snotty, though quite fishable, ocean today. Fished the same general areas as the past couple of days and had more nice mixed bag fishing once again. Today the catch consisted primarily of keeper seabass with some porgies, big blackfish and several legal codfish which were the biggest surprise considering the depth we were fishing! The blackfish were active for the few guys who used the green crabs. Tom Hollywood Sr., Staten Island, NY, took the pool with a very nice 9 pound blackfish!
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A windy day to start which ended up being lovely by the time we were ready to come home. Once again our catch for the day consisted mostly of seabass with a couple of blackfish and blowfish to spice the catch and once again most of the seabass were legal sized. Joe Stefanelli, Maplewood, NJ, took the pool with a nice 4 pound knucklehead seabass.
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We had a nice group of regulars with us for the seabass opener today. Our catch for the day consisted almost entirely of seabass with a few blackfish thrown in for the guys using green crabs. Almost all of the seabass were nice keepers with very few shorts in the mix. Julian Pelaez, East Rutherford, NJ, took the pool with a big seabass.

10/21/15 With the opening of the seabass season starting tomorrow we will be returning to our regular sailing schedule of 7:00 AM DAILY FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE YEAR!! We will now be concentrating on seabass and blackfish!! Clams and green crabs onboard!!

Fishing was similar this week as to what we found last week. The guys had a lot of nice sized porgies on most spots along with most getting into fine blackfish action and keeping their legal limit up to 6 or 7 pounds using green crabs. Plenty of nice seabass still getting a free pass but that will change this coming THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22, when the season for them re-opens!!


Fishing the last few days has had about as much variety as you could expect to see this time of year. Porgies have been steady with the size varying from day to day. Nicer size some days with more shorts in the mix on others. Lots of seabass being thrown back each day and some nice blackfish up to 6 pounds for the guys using green or asian crabs. Today Jim Harding, Pearl River, NY, had porgies, a blackfish limit, a big flounder, blowfish, a ling along with a couple of fluke and some seabass which went back giving him the title of "mixed bag" king for the week!!

10/05/15 We are sailing at 7:00 AM, on a Thurs., Fri., Sat., and Sun. schedule for the next few weeks.

We are done fluking for the 2015 season. All of the strong easterly wind this week has put the final nail in the fluke coffin for the year. We fished Tuesday and Wednesday covering a lot of areas for a handful of keepers each day. We would like to give a big THANK YOU to all of our fluke regulars for your hard work in putting your share of fish on ice and for sticking with it every week in spite of the sub-par fishing this season. The number of BIG fish, keepers and also shorts were down for ALL of the area boats, regardless of what any might say. Looking for a rebound in 2016! We hope that all of you who are done fishing for the year have a safe and healthy winter and we look forward to seeing you again next year!!


WE will NOT be sailing on Tuesday.

09/20/15 We will NOT be sailing on Monday.
09/19/15 Dense fog at times, lots of shipping traffic and a bunch of small boats without radar in the same area to make us scratch our heads! Lack of drift much of the morning hurt the fishing today. Had to keep moving around looking for pockets of fish that wanted to eat. The guys worked hard and managed to put some nice fish in their coolers by the end of the day. Brad Weaver, Bound Brook, NJ, had a couple of keepers and took the pool with a 6 pound 2 ounce fish. Several guys ended up with two and three keepers each for their efforts. Gulp/ spros worked the best today. Weather is GOOD for tomorrow and MIGHT be the last day to fish for the next several so take advantage of it. See you in the morning.
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NICE FLUKING CONTINUES. Good fishing this morning when we had the current which slowed to a pick once we lost the drift. Had guys with three and four quality fish each. We have been on the fish lately and even had Belmar head boats fishing along side of the northern fleet the past few days! There have been a lot of nice fish still around the last few days and we expect that to be the case until the fluke season closes on Saturday, September 26. Philip Barrows, Ruth, NJ, took the pool with a 6 pound 3 ounce pool fish which went along with another 4 pound 15 ounce fish that he had on the day. Jim Anderson, Lake Hopatcong, NJ, had four nice keepers and just missed the pool with a 6 pound 1 ounce fish of his own. Weekend weather looks great so TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT WHILE IT, AND THE FLUKE, ARE HERE!!
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09/17/15 GOOD FLUKING AGAIN AND QUALITY FISH!! Great weather, nice drift all day and mostly nice sized fish. Started where we fished yesterday to find that those fish had disappeared. Moved to another area and found what we were looking for. There was less short action than yesterday but the size made up for it today. Everyone went home with fish which was nice to see! Charlie Krippendorf, Spring Lake, NJ, had a very good day keeping only his limit from NINE legal fish that he had, which included the 8 pound 11 ounce pool winner caught at the final whistle! The guys working gulp/spros ended up with more nice fish than natural baits today. Great weather through the weekend. Back at it tomorrow.
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GOOD FLUKING TODAY!! Had good conditions to stop inshore of where we have been fishing lately and found solid fishing with mixed size fish right from the start which lasted until the change of tide around noon. Waited for the change and picked away at a mix of shorts and keepers once again until it was time to come home. Gulps, spros and natural baits all produced today. Joe Colonna, Andover, NJ, had four nice fish and took the pool. Al Waranis, Trenton, NJ, kept only his limit from the eight legal fish that he caught. More great weather tomorrow so take advantage of it.
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09/15/15 A nice day to head to the offshore fluke grounds for sure. Bounced around the areas we have been fishing and managed okay action and keepers up to the 6 pound 11 ounce pool fish taken by Ron Becker, Springfield, NJ. Gulps/spros have had the advantage with the bigger fish the past few trips. Back at it again tomorrow.
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09/14/15 Yesterday's LARGE swells and today's STRONG wind will both be gone by tomorrow making for good fluking conditions. In fact, the weather for the rest of the week looks great so get some fluke for the freezer while they are still around.
09/12/15 Went back to the grounds we fished before yesterday's wind and had zero drift most of the morning with absolutely no breeze or current!! The guys had to work hard for a few fish until the southerly breeze finally started mid day. Today's keepers were NICE quality fish but we would have liked to have seen more to go around. Jack Decker, Blairstown, NJ, ended up with a couple of beauties which took the pool.
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09/11/15 Light winds are in the forecast for tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday which should make for nice drifting conditions in the areas we have been fishing lately. Take advantage of it! Bring along a rod that could potentially handle 10 ounces---should the need arise. The correct gear this time of year could possibly mean the difference between an empty cooler and a limit catch.
09/09/15 GOOD FLUKING TODAY! Worked one of our pet areas all day and had constant action and a bunch of keepers to go around the boat. Wind and tide together made for a quick drift in the afternoon but the guys who had the heavier gear had no problem and enjoyed some nice fish. Natural baits and spros/gulps worked equally well. Joe Carella, Millburn, NJ, took the pool with a 7 pound 3 ounce fish to go along with a nice 4 pound 14 ounce fish. Al Waranis, Trenton, NJ, led the way with four keepers. These fish will NOT be around forever. Get them while they are biting!
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09/08/15 The water finally cleaned up a bit everywhere and the fish responded much better in a few areas today!! Found good action with a few keepers early this morning local before the drift and bite died. Bounced around a few edges and snags and had life around each before we lost the drift in those areas as well. Once the incoming tide started around noon the bite pretty much shut down for the guys but it is good to see that there is still good numbers of fish inshore--and in different areas--to be caught. Wink Hummer, Frenchtown, NJ, took the pool.
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09/07/15 The swell was gone today but the water was still looked chocolate brown everywhere we went--both inshore and offshore. Covered a bunch of ground and a number of areas for a couple of fish on each drift. Watched all of the other boats moving around like a checker board so it was an overall condition for everyone. Mike Schmidt, Cranford, NJ, took the pool. Back at it tomorrow.
09/06/15 Ideal weather for the holiday weekend. Unfortunately there was sizeable swell and dirty water on the ocean today. Fished the area that has been producing for us and managed more shorts than keepers but it was not enough for the group of regulars we had with us today. The swells started to diminish with the incoming tide and should lay down by tomorrow giving us a much better chance at the good fishing we have been experiencing the past week! Tom Formisano, Bellmawr, NJ, took the pool.
09/05/15 The wind was still blowing out of the east and the ocean not pretty when we got to the dock this morning so we chose to wait one day to let the seas calm down and will be getting back to catching fluke tomorrow (Sunday). Weather sounds great for the rest of the holiday weekend! Enjoy it!

Nice start to the day with just a light breeze as we got out to the area we have been fishing and had fish right away. Picked and plucked on each drift for the next couple of hours as the NE wind increased beyond what was forecasted. Watched the other boats run back to the bay as we kept picking away for another hour. Finally HAD to leave the area, not because it was too rough but because with the wind and tide together the guys could no longer hold bottom with 10-12 ounces!! Too bad as the fish were there!! Made one drift in Sandy Hook Bay with the entire fleet and no hits and called it an early day. We were not going to waste our time in the sheltered bay just to put the rest of the day in!! Jim Fells, Midland Park, NJ, had three keepers and tied for the pool with Jim Nodroff, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. If it is fishable we will be ready to sail in the morning!! We will make the decision on the dock in the AM when we take a look at the ocean.


Without a breeze today it was hot on the water. Went back to where we have been finding our good fishing recently and the fluke did not disppoint today. A gentle current and easy drift all day made for good conditions. Banged away on every drift. Some drifts had more keepers than shorts and others had more shorts than keepers. Ended up with pretty much everyone having fish to take home. Rich Daniels, Phillipsburg, NJ, had an early, easy limit using bucktails/gulps. Ken McGill, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, took the pool.
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09/02/15 Back to the fluke grounds today with a nice group of regulars and EB II first-timers. Started on the offshore grounds this morning with a good drift and had very good fishing most of the morning. We kept making drift after drift where we fished and had very good action and keepers up to 7+ pounds. Once the wind came up later in the day and the drift got too fast we came back inshore to finish the day with decent fishing for the last hour. Tom Hollywood, Sr., Staten Island, NY, went home with four fish including the 7 pound 5 ounce pool fish. These fish will not be around forever. Get your shots at them while they are here!
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  We have posted several diving pictures from this past year. We have had lots of positive feedback the past three seasons and hope that you all find the current series just as interesting! I would once again like to thank our good friend Harry Roecker for allowing me to use more of his underwater photos!! Enjoy!